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For one lesson a week over the next few weeks, students in Skills for Learning are designing and making their own cross stitch designs. They firstly have to come up with their own ideas and draw them onto the grids, before colouring them in. They also have to work out how much thread they’ll need before making their designs next week. If they choose to, students can then use their finished work as a coaster by purchasing an acrylic frame made by our Design and Technology department.

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Just before half term students undertook the Healthy Sandwich Challenge. This involved students working in teams of six, doing jobs including marketing, packaging and manufacturing. Some of the students have written about their challenge:

Emily Berry –

Recently we were set the task to create a healthy eating sandwich and the packaging to go with it. In my group there were Amy, Max, Lukmaan, Jasmine, Lucas and I. Me, Amy and Max created the mighty-meat sandwich by our company ‘Bobs Butties’. Jasmines job was to create the packaging but she wasn’t here therefore Lukmaan and Lucas had to step in for her. We all sat down together afterwards to create the advertisements.

When we had done all of this, we began preparation for the presentation. Amy and I made sure the sandwich was in the correct order whilst Max applied the finishing touches to the PowerPoint. Lucas and Lukmaan put the ‘Might-Meat’ sandwich into the cylindrical packaging they had created and it definitely looked the part. We then decided on the price of 99p which would be easy to make a profit on. When Miss Bedwell checked through our work she took a picture of us and our sandwich! What a great project!

India Edwards –

In the Zone last week we had an healthy sandwich challenge which is were we had to make a healthy sandwich of our choice. My group chose to make a chicken sandwich with tomato, cucumber and lettuce. I used one of the learning skills which was work with in a team. I used this skill by involving everyone in the task and making sure everyone had an activity that they enjoyed what they were doing. Me and one of my team mates Lewis had the job of making the sandwich it was a fun a task to do.

Saliha Maqsood –

In Zone, this week, we were put into groups to make a healthy sandwich. In my group there was; India, Lewis, Zak and Conor. I worked with Conor and my job was packaging. We had to make the package and include all of the important things that needed to be on it. Our logo was ‘The Bananas’ and our price was only £1.25. We had to make the sandwich quite small so we can fit the sandwich in the packet.
Before we made the sandwich packet, we planned and organized it on paper and then make the package. The skill that i used was plan and organize. I used this skill because before the making the package, i planned and organized of what will be included on the package. The were three jobs and 2 people had to work together on the same job. The jobs were; Marketing, Manufacturing and Packaging. Marketing: Marketing means to advertise the sandwich. Manufacturing: Manufacturing means to make the sandwich and Packaging: Packaging means to make the packet for the sandwich.

7x sandwiches

As well as the Olympics held last week, students have been working together to create a textile wall hanging to display as part of our 80th anniversary celebrations. Each student was asked to make one square for the wall hanging, which will then be stitched together by Mrs Jolly to make the whole piece. Students were asked to design their square using the themes of birthdays, Rhyddings and our local area, and were also asked to use a variety of techniques to make their square, such as applique, stitching and using fabric pastels. We have a lot of different ideas, some of which are shown below.

Learning Stories

Our students use a program called ‘realsmart’ in order to reflect on how they are using their learning skills. Sometimes the learning stories that they write relate to work completed in Skills 4 Learning, and sometimes they relate to work outside of our subject. This is because our twelve learning skills can be applied to every aspect of our lives, not just to S4L. These are a selection of some of our recent learning stories:

By Daisy Clemson

When we were at Lockerbie another skill we used was ‘communicate with others.’ we used this skill in the activity climbing. this skill was used when the first person had started climbing. we had to communicate with them by telling them where to put their hand a feet and to keep on going when it was tough like when their hands got cold or when it was a big reach or when they had to hop and swap their feet over. we also did this when trying to plan a rout out and where it would be quite easy to climb. also to encourage them when they got scared or didn’t want to carry on.
The skill ‘communicate with others’ means to talk to people like your friends, the teachers, and any other people.

By Chloe Morton

This week, from the 25th to the 27th of february, i went on a school trip to Manor adventure in Lockerbie – Scotland. When we got there, we got put into three groups of 12, group eight, nine and ten.My group was group eight. My group contained 12 people, me, Priya, Bethany, Keeley, Lucy.K, Paige, Goeirga, Lucas, Ishan, Hassan, Ali and Finnely.  on the second day, we did an initiative excercise. In that excercise there were four activities, but, we only had enough time to do three of them. The first activitie we did, we all had to work within a team. There were three poles and five tyres. Each one required a certain amount of people to carry it and each one were smaller than the one below it. The aim of the game was to get the 5 tyres from the first pole to the last one. You were not aloud to put a tyre bigger than the one below it, on top of each other. So, we had to work within a team to get all of the tyres from one pole to another in the right order.
    To work within a team means to co-operate within a group of people of 2 or more. This lets you show off your individual skills to your teammates and get things done quicker and in the right way.
By Emily Berry
This week in the zone I have used the skill ‘Get things done alone’. we have been doing a task called Geeky gertrude where we had to make a geeky teenager into a fasionable teenager. We were working in teams for this task, however, as we all had different jobs we had to get things done alone. The different jobs were Life coach, Health coach and fashion coach, which was my job. I had to create fashionable outfits and accessories for Gertrude as well as plan a shopping trip for her. My other team members (Chloe and Ismah) did the Life and Health coach jobs; making healthy eating plans to build her self esteem up. I think we worked well as a team as well as getting things done alone.
By Hasibah Akram

This week in zone we have been doing work about geeky Gertrude. The skill I used was ‘communicate with others’. ‘communicate with others’ means to be clear when you are talking, you also listen to others. In the geeky Gertrude task you worked in groups of three, there was three different roles which were:

fashion designer
life coach
personal hygiene specialist

I was the fashion designer and I had to make geeky Gertrude in to a whole new person. e.g.  how to dress her.

I communicated with my team by asking them which stage they were at and if help was needed we could do it together.

By Zara Mehmood
What is a learning story?
A learning story is a short paragraph that explains what we did that week but all focused on a learning skill for example plan and organise we would write we planned and organised by ect.Totem Poles
This week in the zone we started to plan our totem pole, some people were even lucky to make theirs. A totem pole was first used in america, they were used to tell a story or a legend from the past. When foriners saw this they thought this was religous. so, this can also be used to be religious. I used a skill called take decisions. I used this skill by choosing a few i liked then i choose strictly what suited me and used them for my totem pole.
By Morgan Herne
In the zone I used the skill work within a team. The task we had to do was Geeky Gertrude. The Geeky Gertrude task was about a girl who was in Y8 that needed help with her apperance. The people in my group was Phoebe Kirkbright and Tara Ashton. We all had diffrent jobs to do. My job was to be a personal hygeine speciallist. I had to say that she needed to have either a bath or a shower everyday and she needed to put on deodrant and perfume to make her smell nice all this was to do with my job personal hygeine.
I used the skill working in a team because when we had thought about what we was going to do for her we had to make a speech up about what we are going to do to help her together.
By Saliha Maqsood
Learning Story
A learning story is a story that we write for our blog. We have to write about what we do in Zone to tell people in other schools about what we do in the Zone. For an Example, today we had to write about Geeky Gertrude because that was a task and what we did on Wednesday.
On Wednesday, in Zone, this week we were working on Geeky Gertrude. Geeky Gertrude is a girl who wears the same clothes everyday, smells, doesn’t have a bath, has a lot of spots and also has a lot of facial hair. We all had three parts that we had to do and three people in our team. We all had to do our own part. There was Fashion, Health and Hygiene and Life Coach. I did Fashion because i enjoy fashion and i am interested in it. Hadika (my team mate) did Life Coach and Zara (my other team mate) did Health and Hygiene. I had to design clothes for Geeky Gertrude because she always wears the same clothes everyday. Hadika had to work on Life coach so she had to make Geeky Gertrude exercise, have a bath, wear creams for her face to become smoother and softer and also removes the spots. Zara had to think of Geeky’s health, like she has to make her eat healthy. My skill was: Come up with ideas and i used this skill because i had to come up with ideas for Geeky Gertrude. I had to design clothes for her.

100 Word Challenge

Students were asked to write a 100 word story, complete with beginning, middle and end –  not necessarily an easy task! Here are some of them:

By Ellie Gordon:

There was a girl called ellie she decided to invent a something. She wanted to invent the first house made out of sweets. So she got to work. She called her friends priya and hadika to help her. They bought every sweet that they liked bonbons chocolate toffee and much more. They started by baking ginger bread to make the outskirts of the house. They then cut out windows and added candy floss for curtains. They added the chocolate table which was hand carved from a design they made their self. Finally they finished their house. It was successful. Yehhhhhh.

By Ismah Ahmed and Sophie Summerfield:

i was walking in the park until i so my friend rosy.We both went to the park together we went on the swings and slide we had so much fun but then we so a person coming he stated chasing us,we did not now what to do so i called the poilce as soon as the person new that he stoped and ran away me and rosy were asking who was that. so we went my house and my mum sorted it all out but they bfound out it was rosy dad but she did not see him propley.

By Abigail Roberts:

one day i got the courage to ask my mum and dad if i could have a cup of coffie.i have never been allowed a cup of coffie because i heve
only ever had cups of tea.and the only reason why i asked this is because had a dreem about it once and it was mesmoriseing.the other
reason is because all of my friends at school have it to,and they all have something called a shuger rush.wherever i go i always ask for a
cup of coffie and an american doughnut.

By Saliha Maqsood:

When i came back from school, on the way coming home, i heard some noises in the bushes. I got really frightened and i thought that someone is going to attack me from the back so i started walking as quick as i could. When i reached home i ran upstairs in my bedroom to see if there was anyone outside my house. I couldn’t see anyone. So i thought that i’ll ignore it. The next morning when i woke up, i quickly got ready for school . The next morning i went on the same road  “Aaaahh!”.

By Will Cryer:

On the to a football game i saw my old mate billy who liked to eat a lot of burgers and thats why hes the size of a jumbo jet and sits on a metle bench and still snapped and he licks chicken chips and licks random peoples feet.I don’t know why his coach put him on the team,he can’t even run or kick the ball straight.he’s so fat that his belly button gets home 15 minutes before he does before.

By Ellie Sowerbutts:

When Ellie  was walking home by her self she had to walk though the grave yard and she for got it was halloween and when she was in the grave yard she kept hearing some strange noise , she didnt no what it was so she kept on walking untill boooo … aww she screamed it was a ghost then booo again it was a clown she hated clown so she ran away. when she was home she told her mum what happened but her mum ddidnt beleive her . It was time for bed she went to bed and at nighthe clown came in and ……….. Dead

By Bethany McCabe and Zehra Bi:

One day a girl was at the beach. She is called Lindsey, she has got blonde hair and loves the beach. It was a beautiful day to go to the beach and what a marvelous beach it was. So she put out a blanket for her picnic and a towel for her to rest on. She also had her swimming wear to go in the sea and play beach ball. ( that reminds me she also had a beach ball in her bag). This girl loved to play beach an sunbath. When she got home she had a bath.

By Lucas Stirzaker:

It all started when my friends and I went to a mysterious desert. We find an old ruin what had never been discovered before. We heard a crackling noise what was like a dog trying to escape a terrible fate? We looked down the hole a horrible thing emerged out of the hole . . . We ran. The creature followed us right up to a cliff edge. In my head I was saying jump or die. I jumped luckily I made it but my mates mist the vine what I was hanging from. Will I survive? The creature left.

By Hasibah Akram and Mia Lowe:

one sunny day me and my friends were going to the beach when we saw something extraordinry lying inthe sand. It was covered in black and had devil eyes.Noone knew what it was, but it looked rather frightening.Everybody were shouting out for help. This thing was taking over the world and had made everyone dissappear.There was nobody left to help but everybody had to dissappear aswell.Everybody had ran away and they left the police to discover it.The police later had discovered that it was a  extraordinary creature, but with magic everyone was back again.hip hip hooray.

By Tara Ashton and Lee-James Varey

One day i was strolling through the village, and i so somthing in the middle of the road. i wasnt quite sure what it was. so i went over to it; it was half of a map i didnt know what to do!. I carried on walking throughout the village and i found the other half of the map it joint up to the other half. so still i tried to fid out were it led to. i was so coursious i so really wanted to find it out. i had know idea were i was going what was i doing

By Morgan Herne and Kieran Packer:

It was a pitch black night. I heard a buzzing sound and a flash of light.  What was it? I looked out of my window and I saw a green slimy trail. I put on my slippers and followed the trail. It led into the deep dark woods. People have been in the and they haven’t returned. I heard a weird screeching sound. And I saw a massive probe looking thing. It said human brains. I tried to run but the green slimy creature got hold of my leg. The last thing I saw was my brain liquid.

By Amy Gargan and Daisy Clemson:

one frosty evening, i went out for a walk in the dark deep woods. on my way back i discovered an old a bandoned house. Being the daredevil i am, i walked in. Tentatively i stepped on the first rusty floorbored it creaked. As i walked in further i noticed cobwebs and spiders and dust in the house. Suddenly an ear splitting scream came from a behind a closet . I ran and ran and ran to reach the door but the closer i got the further away it seemed . SLAM!!!!  it closed and a showdowy figuey came out blood dripping from it AHHHHHH ………..

By India Edwards:

Walking along the gravle path,seeing huge elephant,mischivious monkeys up to no good and penguins belly flopping on the ice slope landing in the freezing water.stopping of at the shop to get a yummy ice cream and a super fizzy can of delicous  coca cola.Setting off again taking a stroll through the aquarium seeing scary sharks nemo fish and even bright pink star fish. Cutting through thereptile centre seeing slithery snakes goofy camelians and creepy lizards.
By Amanda Capstick:

I guess i should start from the beginning,i would wake up and put my slippers on  then go down stairs and make my breakfast. But this wasn’t normal i woke up and my slippers were already on me as i looked up my bedroom was white. I am not the sweet girl i like things messy when i got downstairs a whole choice of breakfast was there i could choose any of them.This was starnge i asked the person walking by if this was earth. He said no. I forgot my name is amanda and i am trapped.

By Kyle Goddard:

One day, a boy called Mathew and a girl called Kayley went camping in the woods. They got a bus to the woods and found a nice liitle spot next to a big oak tree. They set out all of their equipment and went into the woods to find wood for a fire. When they came back, they made the fire and cooked their tea. When they ate their tea, it was very dark and they were very tired so went for an early sleep. In the night, they woke up to find a big monster. They decided to run away.

By Tyoni Jones:

One day a young girl called kaite went traveling in her car with her parents, Katie didn’t know where she was going but she knows her dads trips are always the best. She hadn’t been on a trip with her family after her baby sister was born.

On the way towards Liverpool  she saw something in the bushes but her family didn’t believe her she kept thinking about that mysterious figure hiding. It looked like a man who hasn’t put on a different pair of clothes in a year.

she arrived  and the man crept behind her and she was never seen again.

By Amara Dunstan:

one stormy day,a boy called Lewis,who has blondey brown hair ,was on his way to school. All he could see was fog and trees waving in the distance,he realy wishes he had took his coat.It was so foggy and cold that he couldent even see where he was going.lewis then found out that he was traped in a dark,damp forest and all he knew was that he was late for school.
when he turned a corner all the fog went and he found a school for gaints.lewis then got gobbled by a gaint.
By Asfandyar Ahmed and Emma Shaw:
One day the boy wanted to go swimming but he had to do his homework first he tryed to do his homework as quick as possible but he coulde’nt do it then he had to keep on working then on the next day he gave his homework to the school and after school he got the money of his dad and went to swimming but the sport center was closed and he spent his money on sweets and chocolates and went back home he sterted playing on games and next day he went swimming happily.
By Byron McGarry:
there was two boys named byron and abdul and they was in the school football team and they had a match today againest mount carmal and we was up at the heys and we had to beat them because we was in a compertion and we had to train for the match. then the next day we had are match we had to so then mount carmel came to heys then we tossed who could get kick off we won the toss and we took center. the students that was in our team was abdul,byron ,william ,adam ,hawaar,ihsan , callum , theo ,sam ,owen , callum, kieran and lewis.
By Joe Johnson:
The day i went to the park, the dark misty clouds hovering around the swings dogs barking, and then it starts to thunder i thought i should go home but i couldent because of what happened to my freind. i needed to know what really happened. He went in and never came out and every day i go past this park something strange happens all the time but now is the time i find out.
By Owen Larner:
once apon a time there was a little girl call lucas she was on her way to his mums from the woods from where she  picked the woodsmans red apples.When she was going home a big bad man jumped infront of her and knocked her to the floor.Lucas tryed with her  might to get out but  the man was to powerful the man straped her legs up and dragged her to his wooden shack and slowly decapitated her and put her on a cooking stove to boil. after a while her mother got worried and comit suicide.
By Emily  Berry:

Breaking news. Theres a dangerous baby on the loose. He’s carrying a bag of heavy metal tools, and he’s wearing stripy black and white top. He’s dribbling everywhere he goes, and threatning to bight people if they dont give him candy. And trust me, he will leave a mark. He crawls faster than Usain Bolt, and he jumps like a kangaroo on a trampoline. He leaves a hideous trail behind, setting off stinkbombs everywhere he goes.

That’s why mummy shouldn’t put Billy to bed so early. He’s a monster!

By Lucy Lord:

susan and ned were driving through a wooded empty section of a flashed,thuder roared the sky went dark in the torrential downpour. “we’better stop,” said susan ned nodded his head in agreement.when he stepped on the brake the car started to slide on the slick pavement.they went off the road and slid to a halt at the bottom.they crashed into a cow…


100 Word Challenge

Today students in Skills for Learning took part in the 100 word challenge. They had to write a 100 word story which used the words frost, green, caravan, heavy and running. Students enjoyed doing it and wrote some great stories – we will do it again soon!

By Emily Berry and Phoebe Kirkbright

Jamie opened the door to welcome in the monday morning frost. He imagined himself running against the bitter wind, delivering the heavy bag of newspapers to his fellow neighbourhood. He sighed and thought to himself,”Monday already!” He remembered how good  a weekend he had in his friends caravan, how sweet the country air smelt of the fresh green fields… But here he was, stood at the front door, eyeying the cars zooming down the street during rush hour. It had been 10 minutes before the time Jamie realised what he was meant to be doing, what he did best…

By Muhammad Iqbal

Oh cold frosty mornings with the white grass popping up like an upside down icicle. We are stuck in the green and white caravan. My name is George and… BANG!  Cathy! I told you not to run away from the dog again. I took her to mum and she gave that boring ten minute lecture again blah blah she goes all day long. Just look at that frost on the window. What a heavy bang  that was I thought  she was a gonna then. I  better get running then a evil auntie will be giving me a shout. Bye mum

By Tara Ashton and Keeley Procter

me and keeley went on our traveles, we were passing by a little camp by a small lake.We saw some little childern running arround on some fresh green grass.In a distance in a far coner of the green grass we saw a littl frost from over the knight and we saw a large caravan that looked quite heavey and didnt think anyone would be able to pick it up not eaven 10 people at one go we stopped admaring the camp and carriend on out long long journey home but before we were stopping of to see our very old friends

By Morgan Herne and Abigail Roberts

I was running through the thick green frosty grass my heart was pounding, there was heavy rain beating on my body. The caravan was getting further away by every step I took I could hear the chainsaw and the mad chuckling of the man who was chasing me. I had to think of a plan. Should I just stand there and let him disembowel me or should I use every muscle in my body to get away. I found a cave was this enough to save me, he had beaten me to it was this enough to save me?

By Daisy Clemson and Zara Mehmood

It was a cold frosty morning when I woke up in my warm caravan. I looked at the time and started running outside. I was late for school again ! As I noticed I wasn’t changed, I went inside and slipped on my dark dull clothes. As I sprinted out of the caravan, I looked at the plants they were still green, I thought they should have died by now because of the heavy snow fall last night! It was awful I couldn’t even get to sleep.

By Lewis Ellis

One day they were a girl called jess and she was walking to go and call her friends to play she walked on the green grass and her friend lives in a caravan  she was running suddenly she saw her friend crying she ran to her and her friend got happy and then started playing with her friend in the frost

By Hasibah Akram

one  foggy morning when there was frost everywhere me and my family went on a camping trip to yorkshire in our new caravan. there was green leaves around which meant it isnt autumn.although it was rain heavy like raining cats and dogs.when we arrived we had to go on a jog which involved running and that was tireding.

By Will Cryer and Callum Hitchen

On the way to a holiday park i saw a gaint on a bill boad there was a caravan in a green feild with heavy metal stock to the side of it there was a stange man running then on the way back it started a gane On the way back from  holiday park i saw a gaint on a bill boad there was a caravan in a green feild with heavy metal stock to the side of it there was a stange man running.

By Priya Patel

This half term in the zone, we have been looking at road safety, constrution, primary taster day. On Wednesday we  do our road safety advert.we have been planning our  road safety advert for two weeks and this week on wednessday two days ago we did the set for it i was in a group with my table.

By India Edwards

We have focused in the last two weeks on the learning skill working within a team and we have done road safety , the transition task , construction and the learning stories. In the road safety task we worked in our tables and chose what jobs we would do between us and next week we are presenting our adverts . In the transition task we worked in groups  in our houses. We had to do is make a fun day for  the yr 5  we had to make up lots of fun activities . For the construction mr.alan , who teaches construction, made us do this small test  about weight and measurement . We had to do two test on it.

By Beth McCabe

This half term in the Zone, we have been looking at Road Safety, Construction, Primary Taster Day. Every Wednesday we do our Road safety advert. We have been planning our script, high visability product and our set. To make our set we had to bring in recycables.

By Amanda Capstick

This week was a very busy week in the zone we had two activities one on monday the other on wednesday.The first one we did was on monday,some year 5s came for their buisness trip and in it they sometimes needed the toilet and the closest was the zone toilets.They did not know what the zone was used for so they asked miss jolly what it was used for, so miss jolly  came in and asked us to make a presentation what the zone is about. We went into our houses for this activity and started planning what we were going to put in our presentation.

The next activity is about road safety project our table decided to do a play then we brought some stuff in to desighn our set.

By Owen Larner

since half term to have done several different theme weeks including a road safety topic and we are making an advertisement about it and creating all of the pieces for it. we have also done measurements & converting them (kg-g). We had lots of fun in the zone because of our  teaching asistants and our awsome teacher Miss Bedwell.

By Mia Lowe and Lucy Lord

This week in the zone we have been doing road saftey advertisements , makeing our road saftey sets , measurements,construction,speling,blog post in road safety we painted the set and we made them out of cardboard,paper and plastic.then in measurements we did sum with mr.Alan and we worked as a table.after that we did spelling we get some 10 out of 10 and 2 vivos for it.

By Ellie Sowerbutts and Sophie Summerfield

When we came back we did road saftey we have to write a script and a model of the road saftey when we make it we all are in teams/groups. Also on a monday we do a year 5 challenage when we had to work in a team again and we had to think of a new activite for them, every monday we do our spellings and they are science words and we do them every monday afternoon! We enjoy the Zone because we are all together and we do fun activites, Thanks to Miss Bedwell and all the other teachers who help us.

By Ellie Gordon

In the zone these past 2 weeks we have been working on a project to do with the year 5 class.We had to come with an idea to make the class love rhyddings and the zone as much as we do (which is a lot). We had to go in groups from ur house mine was yellow house. I was with my self, Chloe, Beth, Mia, Declan m Hadika and Declan f. We had also been doing road saftey every wednesday. We had to go with our tables for groups and we had different roles to play. It was so much fun to make our road saftey design.

By Amy Gargan

In the Zone we have been doing lots of different activities over the past few weeks . One of the activities was were we had to get into a group and create an idea for some year fives that had to teach them something we also had two weeks to plan it , and Miss Jolly would choose the best idea and we would use that one when they came in . We also do spelling every Monday and they are science words and they get gradually harder every week . Another activity we had to do was a Road Safety activity . What we had to do on that was create a road safety advert in the groups on our table to prevent road accidents from happening . We had to create a script , design characters and design a set that was child friendly to children . We had a very jam packed week !

By Jasmine Khan

These last two weeks in the Zone we have been doing an advert for road safety,spellings and we did a learning story for working in a team. The best part of that was when we did the road safety advert because we could make the setting really nice. Also because It was fun making it. When we did this we had to work as a team which made it easy for us to get it done.

By Tara Ashton and Keeley Procter

During the last two weeks in the zone we have covered lots of tasks hopfully me and keeley will explain them as well as we possibly can. first we have done a really good one which was called a road safety advert. We had to work within our table and on each table there is six peoople and there were three tasks to do so we had to work in pares on my table which is table seven me and priya did the set and it looks really fascinating declan and joe designed the characters but the finished early so they designed a high visibility bag to buy and finally bethany and callum wrote the sprips giving everyone lines and we managed to fit in a short play…. on keeleys table which is table eight they chose lucas and asahan designed the characters pheobe and tyoni wrote the script , song and high visibility wear keeley researched simultaneously abigail did the set we both thought that this project was the most exciting so we chose to wright about it

By Amara Dunstan

In the zone for these past weeks we have been doing a lot of activities on mondays we did spelling and sfterthat we have been working on a presentation for the year 5s that have been to visit we have to tell them all about the zone because they keep asking questions about it and what we do in the zone Everyday they walk past it and dont know what we do in it.on wednesday we are making a road saftey advert in are tables we have to make the set make the characters and write down a script for the advert our script is a poem because we think that it will make more children watch it we think its going to be the best.last friday we did a measurement test which was sort of fun because we got to work with are table and are table is realy fun and the people on it are funny that why i enjoy going to the zone Also on fridays we go on this thing called skills for learning we chose a skill and write what we have done throw that week but they mostly sound the same because we have been working on projects for a couple of weeks and its the same project.

By Saliha Maqsood and April Ashton

In Zone, this week, we learnt about road safety. We had to make our own advert. First Miss Benningston showed us some road safety adverts so we get the idea. Then, we built a set for it aswell with our team. Half of us went to build it, the other half of our team wrote the script and also made the logo. My teams logo was Road Safety. April’s and my team made a wristband for it to. Later, we built our sets. Last week, we written to year 5’s to tell them more about our school so they can come here in year 7. This week we didn’t do our spellings because some of the students go to extra reading lessons and their teachers weren’t here due to the snow and they normally go when we do our spellings but because they didn’t know the spellings, thats why we didn’t do them.

By Chloe Morton

In Zone these last two weeks, we have been doing lots of things. Every Monday, we have been planning our ideas for the year 5 planner taster day. My group contains 7 people including, me, Ellie.G, Hadika, Betheny, declan, declan and mia. We might be doing lots of activities for them to choose including a treasure hunt to tell them about all the places in the school and many more exciting things. Every wednesday, we have been doing a road safety advert( that is my favourite activity.) in our tables. Every Friday we do blog posts like I am doing now. Last week, we also did our learning story and some measuring work with Mr Allen.( that is my worst activity.) After all, it was a pretty good two weeks.

By Muhammad Iqbal

There are two things we did this week one of them was road safety. In road safety we did painting and designing a product or two.We havent performed our advert yet but hopefully it will be an impressing one. my team and i have a main  theme it is fruits that are walking in a scene and sing a song which can not be told until the performing of the advert. One of the fruits gets crushed. The choices are an apple, a strawberry, a grape or a lemon,.Can you guess it right

By Hasibah Akram

over the last few weeks in the zone we have been doing different things like producing our road safety adverts this has been going on for 2 weeks and we are nearly at the end of them. We are going to produce our adverts before half term in february 2013. Every mondays we do spellings related to science. i always get 10 out of 10. overall doing our road safety advert is interesting.

By Declan Simpson and Joe Johnson

Over the last few weeks our zone group have been doing different things like producing a road safety advert and Much more.

The road safety advert had also different things to do like a script and much more it was alot of hard work also you had to draw quite alot of stuff like the characters and the set design. Overall it was really fun and we cant wait to carry on with it next wednesday.

By Declan Moragues

In zone we  have been doing about road safety at first we had 3 weeks to plan our set and charaters and back ground and script. after those three weeks we started to make our set  we had 5 minites to sort out who made the set

then we had 25 minutes then we had dinner then a nother 25 minutes to make the set then the people who wasnt making the was making the script and the other people was creating the products.

By Emily Berry and Phoebe Kirkbright

These two weeks in the zone, we have being doing a lot of exciting activities such as; road safety, construction skills and a primary taster day. Mine and Phoebes favourite activity is road safety as we really like designing our own set and making our road safety product. It is really fun!

In the primary taster day planning, we have to create our own fun activity for when they come to Rhyddings. In blue house, we designed a game for them to play outside whilst green house thought about creating their own products for a dragons den themed challenge.

In construction, we did a quiz about converting centimetres to metres, ect. We worked in teams on our table, and we got every question right!

It has been a fun week in the zone!

By Daisy Clemson and Zara Mehmood

over the last two weeks in the zone week have been doing many tasks including a road saftey task , where we had to make up our own adverts in groups on how to stay safe near and when crossing  the road, a messurement task , where we had to convert m, cm and km, In road safety me zara and morgan worked together making the set we painted it all white and then we did the little bits, we shared those out between us. the messurement task was when we got a paper with loads of unconverted messurments on and we had to work them out e.g. 100m = 1cm.

By Lewis Ellis

We have done loads of things in zone like we have done measuring things with Mr Alan and we have also done roads safety and models with Mrs Beneston and we planned it first and then we started making the model the other people in our group wrote the scripts thats what we have done in zone.

By Will Cryer

In rhyddings year 7 zone we have been studding lots of projects every day on wednesday we do road saftey we do many things like spellings then we can do better in out later life, well we make  sets in the road saftey projects.

By Ammaar-Faiz Ahmed and Conner Neil

Through the  last 2 weeks in zone we have been doing road safety advert


i have been learning about road safety it was awesome i made with Jasmine and  ihsan the set and haibah and saliha made wristbands for a high visibility product


I have been working on road safety too but my group have almost finished our model me,Emma ,lee-James ,Chloe, lee and ,Taylor have successfully made are set.

By Morgan Herne and Abigail Roberts

in the zone we was learning about road safety. Mrs Benniston told us that we had to make an advert for road saftey advert. we planned it and then we made the characters the scene and the script. our advert was about talking fruit. they sing about crossing the road saftely and the pompus grape doesn’t listen and gets squished by a bannana car with a tomatoe driving it we hope thart this will keep kids safe

By Sam Davis and Max Cryne

This week on wednesday i worked in a team with will,sam ,hakeem,lukeman and zack.Me and will made the set whilst sam and Hakeem made high visabilty ristbands and lukeman and zack finshed offf the skript what we made on monday and friday.Me and will me our set for the road saftery advert the set was made out of card board and paint.hakeem and sam made the bands by toletrol tubes and we got it all finished .

The 12 Days of Christmas

Our students have been working on lots of different Christmas-themed tasks. One of those tasks is to re-write The 12 Days of Christmas and to make up their own version. Emily, Ellie G, Ellie S, Amara and Chloe not only wrote their version – they performed it too!


It’s Christmas

By India Edwards


It’s Christmas, It’s Christmas,

It’s time to cheer

This one month of the year.


It’s Christmas, It’s Christmas,

It begins to snow

People are kissing under the mistletoe.


It’s Christmas, It’s Christmas,

It’s finally here

The time has come to laugh and cheer

Getting presents

Eating a  pheasant.


What a wonderful Christmas.

With so many excellent entries, judging for the Christmas card competition with year 7 students was very difficult! Congratulations to the following students:

1st place: Morgan Herne (7MT)

2nd place: Hadika Tariq (7NT)

3rd place: Georgia Holt (7LP)

Not only has Morgan’s card been selected as the Christmas card for the Hyndburn Ribble Valley association of the National Union of Teachers, Mr Trickett liked them so much that he is using Hadika’s card as the official Rhyddings card this year!