Just before half term students undertook the Healthy Sandwich Challenge. This involved students working in teams of six, doing jobs including marketing, packaging and manufacturing. Some of the students have written about their challenge:

Emily Berry –

Recently we were set the task to create a healthy eating sandwich and the packaging to go with it. In my group there were Amy, Max, Lukmaan, Jasmine, Lucas and I. Me, Amy and Max created the mighty-meat sandwich by our company ‘Bobs Butties’. Jasmines job was to create the packaging but she wasn’t here therefore Lukmaan and Lucas had to step in for her. We all sat down together afterwards to create the advertisements.

When we had done all of this, we began preparation for the presentation. Amy and I made sure the sandwich was in the correct order whilst Max applied the finishing touches to the PowerPoint. Lucas and Lukmaan put the ‘Might-Meat’ sandwich into the cylindrical packaging they had created and it definitely looked the part. We then decided on the price of 99p which would be easy to make a profit on. When Miss Bedwell checked through our work she took a picture of us and our sandwich! What a great project!

India Edwards –

In the Zone last week we had an healthy sandwich challenge which is were we had to make a healthy sandwich of our choice. My group chose to make a chicken sandwich with tomato, cucumber and lettuce. I used one of the learning skills which was work with in a team. I used this skill by involving everyone in the task and making sure everyone had an activity that they enjoyed what they were doing. Me and one of my team mates Lewis had the job of making the sandwich it was a fun a task to do.

Saliha Maqsood –

In Zone, this week, we were put into groups to make a healthy sandwich. In my group there was; India, Lewis, Zak and Conor. I worked with Conor and my job was packaging. We had to make the package and include all of the important things that needed to be on it. Our logo was ‘The Bananas’ and our price was only £1.25. We had to make the sandwich quite small so we can fit the sandwich in the packet.
Before we made the sandwich packet, we planned and organized it on paper and then make the package. The skill that i used was plan and organize. I used this skill because before the making the package, i planned and organized of what will be included on the package. The were three jobs and 2 people had to work together on the same job. The jobs were; Marketing, Manufacturing and Packaging. Marketing: Marketing means to advertise the sandwich. Manufacturing: Manufacturing means to make the sandwich and Packaging: Packaging means to make the packet for the sandwich.

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