Our students use a program called ‘realsmart’ in order to reflect on how they are using their learning skills. Sometimes the learning stories that they write relate to work completed in Skills 4 Learning, and sometimes they relate to work outside of our subject. This is because our twelve learning skills can be applied to every aspect of our lives, not just to S4L. These are a selection of some of our recent learning stories:

By Daisy Clemson

When we were at Lockerbie another skill we used was ‘communicate with others.’ we used this skill in the activity climbing. this skill was used when the first person had started climbing. we had to communicate with them by telling them where to put their hand a feet and to keep on going when it was tough like when their hands got cold or when it was a big reach or when they had to hop and swap their feet over. we also did this when trying to plan a rout out and where it would be quite easy to climb. also to encourage them when they got scared or didn’t want to carry on.
The skill ‘communicate with others’ means to talk to people like your friends, the teachers, and any other people.

By Chloe Morton

This week, from the 25th to the 27th of february, i went on a school trip to Manor adventure in Lockerbie – Scotland. When we got there, we got put into three groups of 12, group eight, nine and ten.My group was group eight. My group contained 12 people, me, Priya, Bethany, Keeley, Lucy.K, Paige, Goeirga, Lucas, Ishan, Hassan, Ali and Finnely.  on the second day, we did an initiative excercise. In that excercise there were four activities, but, we only had enough time to do three of them. The first activitie we did, we all had to work within a team. There were three poles and five tyres. Each one required a certain amount of people to carry it and each one were smaller than the one below it. The aim of the game was to get the 5 tyres from the first pole to the last one. You were not aloud to put a tyre bigger than the one below it, on top of each other. So, we had to work within a team to get all of the tyres from one pole to another in the right order.
    To work within a team means to co-operate within a group of people of 2 or more. This lets you show off your individual skills to your teammates and get things done quicker and in the right way.
By Emily Berry
This week in the zone I have used the skill ‘Get things done alone’. we have been doing a task called Geeky gertrude where we had to make a geeky teenager into a fasionable teenager. We were working in teams for this task, however, as we all had different jobs we had to get things done alone. The different jobs were Life coach, Health coach and fashion coach, which was my job. I had to create fashionable outfits and accessories for Gertrude as well as plan a shopping trip for her. My other team members (Chloe and Ismah) did the Life and Health coach jobs; making healthy eating plans to build her self esteem up. I think we worked well as a team as well as getting things done alone.
By Hasibah Akram

This week in zone we have been doing work about geeky Gertrude. The skill I used was ‘communicate with others’. ‘communicate with others’ means to be clear when you are talking, you also listen to others. In the geeky Gertrude task you worked in groups of three, there was three different roles which were:

fashion designer
life coach
personal hygiene specialist

I was the fashion designer and I had to make geeky Gertrude in to a whole new person. e.g.  how to dress her.

I communicated with my team by asking them which stage they were at and if help was needed we could do it together.

By Zara Mehmood
What is a learning story?
A learning story is a short paragraph that explains what we did that week but all focused on a learning skill for example plan and organise we would write we planned and organised by ect.Totem Poles
This week in the zone we started to plan our totem pole, some people were even lucky to make theirs. A totem pole was first used in america, they were used to tell a story or a legend from the past. When foriners saw this they thought this was religous. so, this can also be used to be religious. I used a skill called take decisions. I used this skill by choosing a few i liked then i choose strictly what suited me and used them for my totem pole.
By Morgan Herne
In the zone I used the skill work within a team. The task we had to do was Geeky Gertrude. The Geeky Gertrude task was about a girl who was in Y8 that needed help with her apperance. The people in my group was Phoebe Kirkbright and Tara Ashton. We all had diffrent jobs to do. My job was to be a personal hygeine speciallist. I had to say that she needed to have either a bath or a shower everyday and she needed to put on deodrant and perfume to make her smell nice all this was to do with my job personal hygeine.
I used the skill working in a team because when we had thought about what we was going to do for her we had to make a speech up about what we are going to do to help her together.
By Saliha Maqsood
Learning Story
A learning story is a story that we write for our blog. We have to write about what we do in Zone to tell people in other schools about what we do in the Zone. For an Example, today we had to write about Geeky Gertrude because that was a task and what we did on Wednesday.
On Wednesday, in Zone, this week we were working on Geeky Gertrude. Geeky Gertrude is a girl who wears the same clothes everyday, smells, doesn’t have a bath, has a lot of spots and also has a lot of facial hair. We all had three parts that we had to do and three people in our team. We all had to do our own part. There was Fashion, Health and Hygiene and Life Coach. I did Fashion because i enjoy fashion and i am interested in it. Hadika (my team mate) did Life Coach and Zara (my other team mate) did Health and Hygiene. I had to design clothes for Geeky Gertrude because she always wears the same clothes everyday. Hadika had to work on Life coach so she had to make Geeky Gertrude exercise, have a bath, wear creams for her face to become smoother and softer and also removes the spots. Zara had to think of Geeky’s health, like she has to make her eat healthy. My skill was: Come up with ideas and i used this skill because i had to come up with ideas for Geeky Gertrude. I had to design clothes for her.