Students were asked to write a 100 word story, complete with beginning, middle and end –  not necessarily an easy task! Here are some of them:

By Ellie Gordon:

There was a girl called ellie she decided to invent a something. She wanted to invent the first house made out of sweets. So she got to work. She called her friends priya and hadika to help her. They bought every sweet that they liked bonbons chocolate toffee and much more. They started by baking ginger bread to make the outskirts of the house. They then cut out windows and added candy floss for curtains. They added the chocolate table which was hand carved from a design they made their self. Finally they finished their house. It was successful. Yehhhhhh.

By Ismah Ahmed and Sophie Summerfield:

i was walking in the park until i so my friend rosy.We both went to the park together we went on the swings and slide we had so much fun but then we so a person coming he stated chasing us,we did not now what to do so i called the poilce as soon as the person new that he stoped and ran away me and rosy were asking who was that. so we went my house and my mum sorted it all out but they bfound out it was rosy dad but she did not see him propley.

By Abigail Roberts:

one day i got the courage to ask my mum and dad if i could have a cup of coffie.i have never been allowed a cup of coffie because i heve
only ever had cups of tea.and the only reason why i asked this is because had a dreem about it once and it was mesmoriseing.the other
reason is because all of my friends at school have it to,and they all have something called a shuger rush.wherever i go i always ask for a
cup of coffie and an american doughnut.

By Saliha Maqsood:

When i came back from school, on the way coming home, i heard some noises in the bushes. I got really frightened and i thought that someone is going to attack me from the back so i started walking as quick as i could. When i reached home i ran upstairs in my bedroom to see if there was anyone outside my house. I couldn’t see anyone. So i thought that i’ll ignore it. The next morning when i woke up, i quickly got ready for school . The next morning i went on the same road  “Aaaahh!”.

By Will Cryer:

On the to a football game i saw my old mate billy who liked to eat a lot of burgers and thats why hes the size of a jumbo jet and sits on a metle bench and still snapped and he licks chicken chips and licks random peoples feet.I don’t know why his coach put him on the team,he can’t even run or kick the ball straight.he’s so fat that his belly button gets home 15 minutes before he does before.

By Ellie Sowerbutts:

When Ellie  was walking home by her self she had to walk though the grave yard and she for got it was halloween and when she was in the grave yard she kept hearing some strange noise , she didnt no what it was so she kept on walking untill boooo … aww she screamed it was a ghost then booo again it was a clown she hated clown so she ran away. when she was home she told her mum what happened but her mum ddidnt beleive her . It was time for bed she went to bed and at nighthe clown came in and ……….. Dead

By Bethany McCabe and Zehra Bi:

One day a girl was at the beach. She is called Lindsey, she has got blonde hair and loves the beach. It was a beautiful day to go to the beach and what a marvelous beach it was. So she put out a blanket for her picnic and a towel for her to rest on. She also had her swimming wear to go in the sea and play beach ball. ( that reminds me she also had a beach ball in her bag). This girl loved to play beach an sunbath. When she got home she had a bath.

By Lucas Stirzaker:

It all started when my friends and I went to a mysterious desert. We find an old ruin what had never been discovered before. We heard a crackling noise what was like a dog trying to escape a terrible fate? We looked down the hole a horrible thing emerged out of the hole . . . We ran. The creature followed us right up to a cliff edge. In my head I was saying jump or die. I jumped luckily I made it but my mates mist the vine what I was hanging from. Will I survive? The creature left.

By Hasibah Akram and Mia Lowe:

one sunny day me and my friends were going to the beach when we saw something extraordinry lying inthe sand. It was covered in black and had devil eyes.Noone knew what it was, but it looked rather frightening.Everybody were shouting out for help. This thing was taking over the world and had made everyone dissappear.There was nobody left to help but everybody had to dissappear aswell.Everybody had ran away and they left the police to discover it.The police later had discovered that it was a  extraordinary creature, but with magic everyone was back again.hip hip hooray.

By Tara Ashton and Lee-James Varey

One day i was strolling through the village, and i so somthing in the middle of the road. i wasnt quite sure what it was. so i went over to it; it was half of a map i didnt know what to do!. I carried on walking throughout the village and i found the other half of the map it joint up to the other half. so still i tried to fid out were it led to. i was so coursious i so really wanted to find it out. i had know idea were i was going what was i doing

By Morgan Herne and Kieran Packer:

It was a pitch black night. I heard a buzzing sound and a flash of light.  What was it? I looked out of my window and I saw a green slimy trail. I put on my slippers and followed the trail. It led into the deep dark woods. People have been in the and they haven’t returned. I heard a weird screeching sound. And I saw a massive probe looking thing. It said human brains. I tried to run but the green slimy creature got hold of my leg. The last thing I saw was my brain liquid.

By Amy Gargan and Daisy Clemson:

one frosty evening, i went out for a walk in the dark deep woods. on my way back i discovered an old a bandoned house. Being the daredevil i am, i walked in. Tentatively i stepped on the first rusty floorbored it creaked. As i walked in further i noticed cobwebs and spiders and dust in the house. Suddenly an ear splitting scream came from a behind a closet . I ran and ran and ran to reach the door but the closer i got the further away it seemed . SLAM!!!!  it closed and a showdowy figuey came out blood dripping from it AHHHHHH ………..

By India Edwards:

Walking along the gravle path,seeing huge elephant,mischivious monkeys up to no good and penguins belly flopping on the ice slope landing in the freezing water.stopping of at the shop to get a yummy ice cream and a super fizzy can of delicous  coca cola.Setting off again taking a stroll through the aquarium seeing scary sharks nemo fish and even bright pink star fish. Cutting through thereptile centre seeing slithery snakes goofy camelians and creepy lizards.
By Amanda Capstick:

I guess i should start from the beginning,i would wake up and put my slippers on  then go down stairs and make my breakfast. But this wasn’t normal i woke up and my slippers were already on me as i looked up my bedroom was white. I am not the sweet girl i like things messy when i got downstairs a whole choice of breakfast was there i could choose any of them.This was starnge i asked the person walking by if this was earth. He said no. I forgot my name is amanda and i am trapped.

By Kyle Goddard:

One day, a boy called Mathew and a girl called Kayley went camping in the woods. They got a bus to the woods and found a nice liitle spot next to a big oak tree. They set out all of their equipment and went into the woods to find wood for a fire. When they came back, they made the fire and cooked their tea. When they ate their tea, it was very dark and they were very tired so went for an early sleep. In the night, they woke up to find a big monster. They decided to run away.

By Tyoni Jones:

One day a young girl called kaite went traveling in her car with her parents, Katie didn’t know where she was going but she knows her dads trips are always the best. She hadn’t been on a trip with her family after her baby sister was born.

On the way towards Liverpool  she saw something in the bushes but her family didn’t believe her she kept thinking about that mysterious figure hiding. It looked like a man who hasn’t put on a different pair of clothes in a year.

she arrived  and the man crept behind her and she was never seen again.

By Amara Dunstan:

one stormy day,a boy called Lewis,who has blondey brown hair ,was on his way to school. All he could see was fog and trees waving in the distance,he realy wishes he had took his coat.It was so foggy and cold that he couldent even see where he was going.lewis then found out that he was traped in a dark,damp forest and all he knew was that he was late for school.
when he turned a corner all the fog went and he found a school for gaints.lewis then got gobbled by a gaint.
By Asfandyar Ahmed and Emma Shaw:
One day the boy wanted to go swimming but he had to do his homework first he tryed to do his homework as quick as possible but he coulde’nt do it then he had to keep on working then on the next day he gave his homework to the school and after school he got the money of his dad and went to swimming but the sport center was closed and he spent his money on sweets and chocolates and went back home he sterted playing on games and next day he went swimming happily.
By Byron McGarry:
there was two boys named byron and abdul and they was in the school football team and they had a match today againest mount carmal and we was up at the heys and we had to beat them because we was in a compertion and we had to train for the match. then the next day we had are match we had to so then mount carmel came to heys then we tossed who could get kick off we won the toss and we took center. the students that was in our team was abdul,byron ,william ,adam ,hawaar,ihsan , callum , theo ,sam ,owen , callum, kieran and lewis.
By Joe Johnson:
The day i went to the park, the dark misty clouds hovering around the swings dogs barking, and then it starts to thunder i thought i should go home but i couldent because of what happened to my freind. i needed to know what really happened. He went in and never came out and every day i go past this park something strange happens all the time but now is the time i find out.
By Owen Larner:
once apon a time there was a little girl call lucas she was on her way to his mums from the woods from where she  picked the woodsmans red apples.When she was going home a big bad man jumped infront of her and knocked her to the floor.Lucas tryed with her  might to get out but  the man was to powerful the man straped her legs up and dragged her to his wooden shack and slowly decapitated her and put her on a cooking stove to boil. after a while her mother got worried and comit suicide.
By Emily  Berry:

Breaking news. Theres a dangerous baby on the loose. He’s carrying a bag of heavy metal tools, and he’s wearing stripy black and white top. He’s dribbling everywhere he goes, and threatning to bight people if they dont give him candy. And trust me, he will leave a mark. He crawls faster than Usain Bolt, and he jumps like a kangaroo on a trampoline. He leaves a hideous trail behind, setting off stinkbombs everywhere he goes.

That’s why mummy shouldn’t put Billy to bed so early. He’s a monster!

By Lucy Lord:

susan and ned were driving through a wooded empty section of a flashed,thuder roared the sky went dark in the torrential downpour. “we’better stop,” said susan ned nodded his head in agreement.when he stepped on the brake the car started to slide on the slick pavement.they went off the road and slid to a halt at the bottom.they crashed into a cow…