Today students in Skills for Learning took part in the 100 word challenge. They had to write a 100 word story which used the words frost, green, caravan, heavy and running. Students enjoyed doing it and wrote some great stories – we will do it again soon!

By Emily Berry and Phoebe Kirkbright

Jamie opened the door to welcome in the monday morning frost. He imagined himself running against the bitter wind, delivering the heavy bag of newspapers to his fellow neighbourhood. He sighed and thought to himself,”Monday already!” He remembered how good  a weekend he had in his friends caravan, how sweet the country air smelt of the fresh green fields… But here he was, stood at the front door, eyeying the cars zooming down the street during rush hour. It had been 10 minutes before the time Jamie realised what he was meant to be doing, what he did best…

By Muhammad Iqbal

Oh cold frosty mornings with the white grass popping up like an upside down icicle. We are stuck in the green and white caravan. My name is George and… BANG!  Cathy! I told you not to run away from the dog again. I took her to mum and she gave that boring ten minute lecture again blah blah she goes all day long. Just look at that frost on the window. What a heavy bang  that was I thought  she was a gonna then. I  better get running then a evil auntie will be giving me a shout. Bye mum

By Tara Ashton and Keeley Procter

me and keeley went on our traveles, we were passing by a little camp by a small lake.We saw some little childern running arround on some fresh green grass.In a distance in a far coner of the green grass we saw a littl frost from over the knight and we saw a large caravan that looked quite heavey and didnt think anyone would be able to pick it up not eaven 10 people at one go we stopped admaring the camp and carriend on out long long journey home but before we were stopping of to see our very old friends

By Morgan Herne and Abigail Roberts

I was running through the thick green frosty grass my heart was pounding, there was heavy rain beating on my body. The caravan was getting further away by every step I took I could hear the chainsaw and the mad chuckling of the man who was chasing me. I had to think of a plan. Should I just stand there and let him disembowel me or should I use every muscle in my body to get away. I found a cave was this enough to save me, he had beaten me to it was this enough to save me?

By Daisy Clemson and Zara Mehmood

It was a cold frosty morning when I woke up in my warm caravan. I looked at the time and started running outside. I was late for school again ! As I noticed I wasn’t changed, I went inside and slipped on my dark dull clothes. As I sprinted out of the caravan, I looked at the plants they were still green, I thought they should have died by now because of the heavy snow fall last night! It was awful I couldn’t even get to sleep.

By Lewis Ellis

One day they were a girl called jess and she was walking to go and call her friends to play she walked on the green grass and her friend lives in a caravan  she was running suddenly she saw her friend crying she ran to her and her friend got happy and then started playing with her friend in the frost

By Hasibah Akram

one  foggy morning when there was frost everywhere me and my family went on a camping trip to yorkshire in our new caravan. there was green leaves around which meant it isnt autumn.although it was rain heavy like raining cats and dogs.when we arrived we had to go on a jog which involved running and that was tireding.

By Will Cryer and Callum Hitchen

On the way to a holiday park i saw a gaint on a bill boad there was a caravan in a green feild with heavy metal stock to the side of it there was a stange man running then on the way back it started a gane On the way back from  holiday park i saw a gaint on a bill boad there was a caravan in a green feild with heavy metal stock to the side of it there was a stange man running.