By Chloe Morton

On Friday in Zone, we were doing about recycling. We spent a whole double lesson on doing either a powerpoint or a movie on movie maker about what happens to certain materials when they are being recycled and what they get turned into. We also had to do the three steps on how you recycle certain materials. We had to work in pairs for this and I worked with Hakeem because he was sat next to me.


By Morgan Herne

This week in the zone we were learning about recycling. We all got a laptop and we had to make a powerpoint. We had to research what things can be recycled and how. I found out loads of interesting facts about recycling. It was really fun. I put in loads of animation and pics so that it would look amazing. Mr Allan said it was the best he’d seen!


By Emily Berry

Last week on Wednesday we did symmetry. We had to complete 4 different worksheets which included; drawing the other half of a butterfly and different shapes. We used the learning skill ‘keep going when it’s tough’. I think we used this skill because the work was very challenging but we eventually did complete the worksheet tasks. We worked as a team in some aspects but alone in others. It was a fun but challenging lesson!