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The 12 Days of Christmas

Our students have been working on lots of different Christmas-themed tasks. One of those tasks is to re-write The 12 Days of Christmas and to make up their own version. Emily, Ellie G, Ellie S, Amara and Chloe not only wrote their version – they performed it too!



It’s Christmas

By India Edwards


It’s Christmas, It’s Christmas,

It’s time to cheer

This one month of the year.


It’s Christmas, It’s Christmas,

It begins to snow

People are kissing under the mistletoe.


It’s Christmas, It’s Christmas,

It’s finally here

The time has come to laugh and cheer

Getting presents

Eating a  pheasant.


What a wonderful Christmas.

With so many excellent entries, judging for the Christmas card competition with year 7 students was very difficult! Congratulations to the following students:

1st place: Morgan Herne (7MT)

2nd place: Hadika Tariq (7NT)

3rd place: Georgia Holt (7LP)

Not only has Morgan’s card been selected as the Christmas card for the Hyndburn Ribble Valley association of the National Union of Teachers, Mr Trickett liked them so much that he is using Hadika’s card as the official Rhyddings card this year!

By Chloe Morton

On Friday in Zone, we were doing about recycling. We spent a whole double lesson on doing either a powerpoint or a movie on movie maker about what happens to certain materials when they are being recycled and what they get turned into. We also had to do the three steps on how you recycle certain materials. We had to work in pairs for this and I worked with Hakeem because he was sat next to me.


By Morgan Herne

This week in the zone we were learning about recycling. We all got a laptop and we had to make a powerpoint. We had to research what things can be recycled and how. I found out loads of interesting facts about recycling. It was really fun. I put in loads of animation and pics so that it would look amazing. Mr Allan said it was the best he’d seen!


By Emily Berry

Last week on Wednesday we did symmetry. We had to complete 4 different worksheets which included; drawing the other half of a butterfly and different shapes. We used the learning skill ‘keep going when it’s tough’. I think we used this skill because the work was very challenging but we eventually did complete the worksheet tasks. We worked as a team in some aspects but alone in others. It was a fun but challenging lesson!

By Morgan Herne

In the Zone this week we did our spellings on Monday, and then we learnt about symmetry. Miss Bedwell showed us a picture of a smiley face and we had to tell her where the lines of symmetry were.

Then we moved on to rotational symmetry. A red dot appeared on the top of the face, it turned around and we had to count how many times it looked the same as when it started.

Then it was down to us. We had to draw out the alphabet onto square paper. We had to label how many lines of symmetry there were and how many orders of rotational symmetry.

Our skill was ‘get things done alone’.

By Keeley Procter

Last week during the Zone we used a skill called ‘take risks’, to identify symmetrical letters in the alphabet. First we wrote ever letter in the alphabet in block writing. This task was difficult because once you had written the letters, you had to write how many lines of symmetry there were. Even though the task was hard, I liked it.

Year 7 students in Skills for Learning were asked to design a Christmas card by the Hyndburn Ribble Valley Association of the National Union of Teachers. This card will be used as the ecard for all NUT members in the local region. We’ve picked out the top 11 and sent them off – we’re now waiting to find out who has won! The best entry will win a £30 gift voucher for WH Smith, followed by vouchers for £20 for second place and £10 for third place. All students who have entered will also be awarded Vivos for their efforts.

Well done to all students who have submitted an entry – and good luck to the finalists!