By Amy Gargan

It all happened on Saturday. I was left all alone in the house. I finally had some peace and quiet. I got some snacks and plonked myself down on the sofa and started channel surfing like any child would do, not caring what would come on.

Then I found one of my favourite films of all time, “Harry Potter”. I put my feet up and just laid back and started to chill out.

I got up at the point where Harry and his class are learning the spell ‘Wingardium Leviosa‘. Ron was really failing at it, so I decided to say the exact words at the same time. You wouldn’t believe what happened…

The telly started to float! Really! It started to float in mid-air! I couldn’t believe it. I blinked and rubbed my eyes. It was still there. I must have been dreaming!

Then it came to me – what would my mum say if she found out what I could do? I had to do something because she would never believe me if I told her. I wouldn’t believe me! What could I do???