By Daisy Clemson

Last week in the Zone it was a Halloween special. There were decorations everywhere. There were four activities for us to do, but you only got to do three of them. First of all I did ‘TV Terror’. You had to read a story based on when Harry Potter and his friends learn a spell. Then it hypnotises the person who is watching it and they make the TV float.

Also, in the booklet you got with the activity, you had to answer some questions on whether you watch a lot of TV, how much you watch, could you live without it, and what do you watch?

The second activity was ‘A Pirate’s Life For Me’! You had to make up your own pirate name, my pirate name was Pegleg, and your pirate ship and crew. Also you had to decide where you came from and how you became a pirate. You could also include a picture of your pirate self and your crew and boat.

The third task was ghost stories. You had to make up your own ghost story. Then you had to write it down. You had to check your punctuation and paragraphs and create tension and drama.

The fourth task, the one I didn’t do, was ‘Scary Stories’. You had to make up your own scary story. You (yet again) had to create tension and drama. You could include monsters, ghosts, mystery and creepy noises. It could be to do with anything you think is scary.

The learning skills we used for this were get things done alone, come up with ideas and keep going when it’s tough. We used communicate with others only if you were talking about your work.