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Paper Engineering

Our students have started working on paper engineering, ready to create their own pop-up books. They have been learning today about v-folds, internal stands and rotary card mechanisms. Some of it has been quite challenging for students – especially the rotary card mechanisms, as the students have to be very precise in their measuring and drawing. There are also some very creative and interesting designs!

Emily decided to make a double v-fold, so that it looks like a duck’s bill:


She then decided to demonstrate what it would look like if it was real!!!


Learners of the Week

We like to celebrate the successes that our students achieve each week by selecting one student from each Skills for Learning class to be our Learner of the Week. There are three levels to this award – bronze, silver and gold. On top of it being announced in assembly each Friday, students are given a star-shaped badge in the appropriate colour, some stationery, 30 Vivos, their name goes up on the rewards board in the main school building and on the school website, and a letter goes home to their parents to let them know of their child’s success. This year we are also showing off our students on our ‘Celebrity Spotlight’ board, so that they are actually celebrated in Skills for Learning itself.

I get to spend Friday afternoons updating the board with the names of our new winners – a great way to end our week! This week I had lots of names to add, as we hadn’t been able to use our assembly time to celebrate them. Well done to our new Bronze Learners of the Week!

Scary Story

By Tyoni Jones

One Monday morning I went to school as normal. I met all my friends and sat down in my chair. We were going through our 3rd lesson and the secretary came in and said, “Tyoni Jones, you need to go home immediately.” I went home, walked through the door and shouted, “Hello? Is anybody there?” Nobody answered…

Every time I went home I was able to sense that someone was home, but I couldn’t feel anything. I heard a creak upstairs. Before I could run up there, I spotted a mark on the floor. I didn’t recognise it; I think it was blood but I don’t know.

Tension grew as I could hear footsteps coming down the landing, getting ready to come down the stairs. I decided to go up the stairs the back way. I saw someone being dragged. Apprehensively I walked closer and closer, still wondering who could have ordered the taxi for me…

The body that was being dragged was my mother! I screamed and the person who was dragging my mother turned back towards me and started chasing me. I ran as if my life depended on it! The man caught up to me but I went through Mr Ratchet’s back garden. He wasn’t in so he didn’t mind!

TV Terror

By Lewis Ellis

On Friday, I was finally left at home on my own. So I did what anyone else would do… I went and looked in the kitchen and raided all the snack drawers, and then I went and got the remote off the TV stand.

I was so happy that I got the remote and flicked through the channels. When I got to channel 3 there was a football match on, so I started to watch it.

I got to the point where I started cheering because the team scored, so I sat back down and started watching the rest of the second half. Later on, with 10 minutes to go, my mum rang me up saying they were on their way home. I started screaming my head off and I quickly started tidying up.

Finally I heard the door open and my mum and dad come in. The next minute I looked near the book corner and there were some biscuits! I started screaming. My mum asked what was up, but I said, “Nothing!” We sat down and watched TV together.

By Amy Gargan

It all happened on Saturday. I was left all alone in the house. I finally had some peace and quiet. I got some snacks and plonked myself down on the sofa and started channel surfing like any child would do, not caring what would come on.

Then I found one of my favourite films of all time, “Harry Potter”. I put my feet up and just laid back and started to chill out.

I got up at the point where Harry and his class are learning the spell ‘Wingardium Leviosa‘. Ron was really failing at it, so I decided to say the exact words at the same time. You wouldn’t believe what happened…

The telly started to float! Really! It started to float in mid-air! I couldn’t believe it. I blinked and rubbed my eyes. It was still there. I must have been dreaming!

Then it came to me – what would my mum say if she found out what I could do? I had to do something because she would never believe me if I told her. I wouldn’t believe me! What could I do???

By Keeley Procter

Captain Scullisia is my name. I have an eye patch over my eye, however it is not like any others. It is covering half of my nose. I have a gold looped earring and four studs in my ear.

I wear unusual clothes. I wear black and red striped jeans and a white shirt with a bone on it.

My favourite pirate saying is ‘Ahoy me hearties!’ It is very popular with other pirates too.

In my crew there is Tara, Ellie and Melissa. Ellie drives the boat, Tara looks through the telescope and Melissa just sits there and parties. Also on my ship are a couple of dogs and cats, an owl and a parrot.

By Adbul Khalid

When we came back after half term in the Zone we were writing our scary stories, TV Terror, ghost stories and pirate stories. I did a scary story.

A boy called Tom heard strange noises from an old house that looked haunted. He went in and saw a shadow. When he turned around he saw a ghost. The ghost disappeared. After it went it started yelling his name. “Tom! Tom, where are you?”

Tom tried to get out but he broke the door handle. He saw a door at the back. He ran towards it but he tripped over a box. He got up and walked towards it…

By Saliha Maqsood

After the half term holidays, because Halloween had gone, that’s why Miss Bedwell thought that we should celebrate Halloween for another week. Miss Bedwell and the other teachers decorated the Zone full of Halloween decorations.

We had to do 4 different tasks. There was TV Terror, scary stories, ghost stories and another one as well. My first task was TV Terror. You had to design your own remote control, answer questions and write a story. My second task was pirate stories. We had to make our own pirate story and pretend that we were pirates and write about our social life and our family. My third task was scary stories. In scary stories we had to write our own stories.

By Hadika Tariq

After half term Zone has been amazing. We did Halloween activities. Miss Bedwell dressed up as a freakish zombie pirate. Her codename was Captain Bedwell. We had to complete four different activities throughout the week.

First I was put into ‘TV Terror’. This is about scary TV. We were sorted into our groups by our birthday months. I was in September. After completing a series of activities I then moved to pirates. We had to change clockwise.

All the different sections were themed on different things. Finally I went to ghost stories, where I had to write my own ghost story. My ghost story was about a kid who gets a witch inside her from lurking around her house, and she needs to fight against it with help from her friend.

Sadly the week came to an end for the weekend. Now we are starting the exciting new project of recycling. I can’t wait!

By Daisy Clemson

Last week in the Zone it was a Halloween special. There were decorations everywhere. There were four activities for us to do, but you only got to do three of them. First of all I did ‘TV Terror’. You had to read a story based on when Harry Potter and his friends learn a spell. Then it hypnotises the person who is watching it and they make the TV float.

Also, in the booklet you got with the activity, you had to answer some questions on whether you watch a lot of TV, how much you watch, could you live without it, and what do you watch?

The second activity was ‘A Pirate’s Life For Me’! You had to make up your own pirate name, my pirate name was Pegleg, and your pirate ship and crew. Also you had to decide where you came from and how you became a pirate. You could also include a picture of your pirate self and your crew and boat.

The third task was ghost stories. You had to make up your own ghost story. Then you had to write it down. You had to check your punctuation and paragraphs and create tension and drama.

The fourth task, the one I didn’t do, was ‘Scary Stories’. You had to make up your own scary story. You (yet again) had to create tension and drama. You could include monsters, ghosts, mystery and creepy noises. It could be to do with anything you think is scary.

The learning skills we used for this were get things done alone, come up with ideas and keep going when it’s tough. We used communicate with others only if you were talking about your work.