By Amy Gargan

In the Zone we have done many different challenges. One of them was to do the egg drop challenge. This is where you got an egg and you had to build a pod for it . You had to plan it out first and then you got put into groups to make it . You had £4 to spend for the challenge. You had 2 weeks to build this pod and then Miss Bedwell would drop it from the ceiling. When we had finished we started to drop the pods one by one , my group’s pod did not survive the drop from the ceiling , however only a few groups did. The pods that had survived then got dropped from the Maths block and they survived that, then they had to get dropped from the Science block, which is 4 storeys high. All of the eggs cracked apart from one group’s. It didn’t even have a crack , so Miss Bedwell awarded them 100 Vivos each as this had never happened before in all the years that students have been doing the challenge.

Another challenge we did was Theme Parks which was where we had to build a our theme park rides. We had finished planning them but now we have to build the rides . We had to bring recyclables in to build them but we brought them in as well for habitats . 

What we do for the habitats is we have to pick an animal – ours was a orangutan – and then we had to research where it lived and its lifestyle then we have to make the habitat . What a great week we had in the Zone !