By Hadika Tariq

Well what a week it has been at the zone. It has been epic. As group I think we have worked very well. First of all we have been sorted into our houses we had to nominate people to run in the elections to be house captain. They had to create speeches to read in front of their house. If you got more votes than others you were taken through to the next process, which is when they had to finalise a speech. Everyone is now eagerly waiting for the results.

A task we have been doing in the zone is we had to get in to groups of four and create a whole new theme park. There were four things to this task – making the name and logo, creating a t-shirt, making a menu for the theme park cafe and finally designing a pin badge to represent your theme park. I was in charge of creating the name and logo. In my opinion I think I carried out this responsibility very well. Next week as part of this project, we are going to be making a model of our theme parks out of recyclables. I can’t wait!

We are now also doing another project. We have to create a pod to save our egg from cracking when it is dropped from the ceiling. We have to purchase items from our zone shop to create these pods. Next week we will be dropping them. May the best person win! This is Miss Bedwell’s favourite project. I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it.