We have been very busy this week – so busy, in fact, that I forgot to nominate students to write our blog posts! I promise to try harder in future lessons (but really, if we get carried away with the work, can you blame me?).

We have spent a lot of time completing work that is autobiographical. Students have made collages in the shape of gingerbread people, with lots of pictures to show us things that they are interested in, such as footballs and games consoles. We have made personalised handprints, with various bits of information written on each part of the hand, such as our family members and likes and dislikes. Both of these tasks will help to complete our house banners, now that students have been sorted into the four houses.
We have also started work on the About Me booklets, with students thinking about the kinds of things that make them who they are, but in a little bit more detail than some of the other activities.

Finally, we started working on learning about persuasive techniques, so that we’re ready to write our campaign speeches for those students who wish to be house captains and vice captains. It’s a big task!
Oh, and students have also had reading and spelling tests, but they’re not very fun so we’ll skip over that part…
We have lots of exciting activities to look forward to next week, along with the announcement of our new Learners of the Week. Who will it be???
Miss Bedwell.